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Investment in Agriculture!

Planning For Investment in Agriculture in Haiti

The Commission will create an Agro-Specialist Group to:

·         Work with local farmers and discuss existing farming conditions and how existing processes could be improved.

  • Recommend and search for appropriate farming tools for local farmers

·        Stress and develop better farming and storage conditions suitable for the surrounding areas.

  • Provide agro techniques and supports for quality farming and productions
  • Recommend and educate local farmers with respect to the most affordable Farming solutions for the local area
  • Create Agro Trust funds for local farmers and their families.

·       Create special farming schools for local farmers and their children

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 Fresh Start Movement: Fresh Start Movement (FSM) is a program which carves its roots in “Unity for success”, “Union for change”, “Group for Action” and “Civic Empowerment”. It is a movement advanced by people who are dedicated to alleviating and eliminating the human misery, poverty and ecological degradation in Haiti. For more information on the Fresh Start Movement click here.

To become a member of the Fresh Start Movement, please mail your Resume or Biographies to us.

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