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Our Priorities for the next decade

Rebuilding our Country
Our Priority for the next decade

Preserving our Heritage
Our Priority for the next decade

Changing Haitian's Lives

For Over 28 Years.

Calling on Individual Self-Sacrifice To Save Haiti

Haiti Prison Ministry

Immigration Reform

A Call to Action


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28 years of making the difference
Statement of Belief
We Believe in God,
 Who gives us Strength and Wisdom.
We believe in our Country's God given ability,
To create prosperity through economic freedom,
The creation and accumulation of wealth. 
We believe in our Brothers and Sisters' will,
To live free in a prosperous society.
We believe in our members' commitment,
 To build a modern Haitian nation and State.
We believe in our supporters' faith and boundless dedication.
We believe in you and your dreams of freedom,
Economic prosperity and the rule of law,
In a truly democratic Haiti.



General Overview:

The world has the wealth and means to end misery and poverty in Haiti in less than 10 years.  We are willing to undertake this daunting challenge for the welfare of our countrymen and the advancement of our country.

Our Core Values}}}

  • Outstanding community programs

  • A strong network of  400 grassroots organizations

  • An innovative thinking team

  • All in one Consortium

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