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In the belief that a just and productive community requires a well-educated population, the Haitian Consortium has developed educational programs that strengthen and enhance the needs of Haitian communities in selected fields:

 English as a second language

Learning English empowers Haitian immigrants “to be full-fledged participants in society … and become successful in this country.” Our English (ESL) program and workplace readiness are free. They are designed to help participants to develop their general ability to listen, speak, read write English and find jobs. Classes are taught by professional ESL instructors. Volunteers assist teachers and students.

When Haitian refugees and new immigrants arrive in the United States to start a new life, language is often the most challenging barrier in the adjustment and assimilation process. Generally, they are longing to communicate, assimilate and find better jobs. The Haitian Consortium makes it easier for refugees and immigrants to learn conversational English through ESL classes held in community centers and local churches. These classes are informal, which helps ease the fears of the refugees and encourages them to return. These classes help immigrants adapt faster after they immigrate to the US.

 Business Skills

The Haitian Consortium combines English and Business skills which meet the personal and professional goals of each participant. The program helps them operate in many entry-level and other positions.


Many Haitian refugees and immigrants do not know how to read or write … but they want to go higher.  ESL Individual Literacy program helps refugees how to read and write in English and Creole.

 High School Equivalency

Every year, The Consortium helps thousands of Haitians earn their High School Equivalency Diploma. The participants are new immigrants, high school dropouts, refugees or those who have gained political asylum.  Our classes, conducted three times per week at various churches throughout the community, help them prepare for their high school diploma.

Governance & Policies

 The Haitian and Caribbean Foundation for Education and Development is governed by a Board of Trustees composed of community leaders, clergy, educators, bankers, members of the community at large, beneficiaries of our services, and philanthropists. The Board of Directors determines broad policies, sets program and management budgets, approves appropriations, and reviews program objectives and accomplishments.

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