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Youth and adolescent programs

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Youth & Adolescent

The Consortium’s Youth and Adolescent’s program was created to motivate Haitian children and youth to mature into responsible, productive adults through community support and self-direction. The values promoted by and incorporated through our programs are designed to benefit them throughout their life. The program focuses on improving the lives of Haitian children and youth through:

·         After-school care

·         Tutoring assistance

·         Crafts and Creative Writing

·         Homework services

·         Transitional/assimilation programs

·         Child care support

·         STD,  Drug/Alcohol education & prevention programs

Your Support Helps Meet The Challenge

At the Haitian Consortium, we are proud about how we handle the funds entrusted to us.  For administration and overhead, we spend only nineteen cents of each dollar received.  The rest of our income - eighty one cents on every dollar - is spent on programs -- the purpose for which funds are, after all, given to us.  Contributions are received and recorded according to donors’ restriction or for unrestricted purposes.

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