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Women & Single Parents

Language barriers, immigration status and lack of job assistance prevents many Haitian women and single parents from breaking the cycle of welfare dependence and poverty in the United States.  The Consortium responds to this dilemma by helping such individuals find professional training programs and higher education assistance. Thousands of Haitian women and single parents who have benefited from our programs are now self-sufficient and able to finance day-care for their children, possess their own home, and secure adequate savings for other investments. They are now beauticians, nurses, secretaries, accountant, and entrepreneurs. They are now self-sufficient economically and are enjoying the American dream.

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At the Haitian Consortium, we are proud about how we handle the funds entrusted to us.  For administration and overhead, we spend only nineteen cents of each dollar received.  The rest of our income - eighty one cents on every dollar - is spent on programs -- the purpose for which funds are, after all, given to us.  Contributions are received and recorded according to donors’ restriction or for unrestricted purposes

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We rely on individual supporters for funding.  Given the growing national and international interest in the success of the Fresh Start Movement®, we need your commitment and financial support to reach our goals and objectives within a decade.  

Participants will regularly receive: HaitianConsortium.com magazine, quick and effective campaign actions for participation, and invitations to local and national events.

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