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Who are We?

The Haitian Consortium® (HC) is a nonprofit (501c3) organization. It is a program of the Haitian & Caribbean Foundation for Education and Development. The Haitian Consortium was established in 1983 in recognition of the Foundation’s growth and success in Haitian Affairs during the refugee crisis.

 The purpose of the Haitian Consortium® is to promote and support sustainable development programs and economic policies that impact the economic growth of Haiti and the Haitian Diaspora. To that end, the consortium brings together a variety of development agencies, community programs, influential groups, scholars, religious leaders, and empowerment centers worldwide for a structured and sustainable collaboration to enhance the quality and intellectual impact of our programs.

 The Haitian Consortium® is also a leading empowerment group of developers and community leaders who provide leadership and support for:

  • Providing and promoting a better understanding of Haiti, its regions, societies, cultures, and Diaspora.
  • Developing and securing the promotion of linkages with Haitian programs, scholars, and other organizations that may contribute to the economic development of programs promoted by the Consortium’s members.
  • Providing consultative services to founders for the creation of joint venture programs with the Consortium.
  • Establishing and encouraging business connections with investment agencies for the establishment of manufacturing plants and light assembly initiatives in Haiti.

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