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Refugee Resettlement

The Haitian Consortium’s Refugee Assistance program serves and supports poor and vulnerable people through the provision of quality, integrated services and housing.  Our focus is on individuals, children, families, and communities struggling with poverty and the effects of political repression, intolerance, and racism.  We are a service that brings good people and good causes together and we actively join with missions, churches and other human development agencies to work for justice and peace. 

The Haitian Consortium works with refugees and immigrants through resettlement services, advocacy, employment assistance, English language instruction, citizenship preparation, youth and family support.

To accomplish our task, we rely on the power of the community, relationships and partnerships for job placement.  We also help enroll their children in schools, find low cost or no cost housing, secure scholarship assistance and tuition waivers and work with grocery stores for other necessary support.

Our Experiences

The Haitian Consortium is the only organization with a refugee model capable of making new arrivals and refugees become self sufficient in 12 months and secure their new home in less than four years.  

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