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Campaign Chair -   Division Chair

Solicitation Team Captain   -   Solicitor

Job Description

 Regional Campaign Chair Position

Campaign Chair

The campaign chair's first major responsibility is to recruit a committee consisting of the chairs of the major divisions of the campaign (individuals, corporations, foundations), other needed leadership, and, if needed, a co-chair. The campaign chair leads the committee in rating and evaluating major prospects already known to the organization; in identifying, rating and evaluating major new prospects; and in setting appointments with major prospects and soliciting donations. The campaign chair has overall responsibility for executing the campaign plan and functions as the campaign's chief operating officer, running scheduled meetings of the campaign volunteer team and calling additional meetings as needed.
The campaign chair is the public spokesperson for the campaign, making statements in the media and urging participation on the part of prospective donors. The campaign chair reports to the chair of the board of trustees.

Division Chair Job Description

The division chair's initial major responsibility is to recruit a cadre of persons who will function as solicitation team captains and, if needed, a co-chair. The division chair has management responsibility for all fund-raising efforts within the division. He or she assists the team captains in recruiting solicitors, runs scheduled division meetings, calls additional meetings as needed, assists in contacting and soliciting prospects, and keeps the campaign chair informed of the division's progress. The division chair reports to the campaign chair or co-chair.

Solicitation Team Captain Job Description

Solicitation team captains are the taskmasters of a fund-raising campaign. They see that the actual work of soliciting prospects gets done in a timely manner. The solicitation team captain's first major responsibility is to recruit a team of five or six solicitors. The team captain has responsibility for managing the team, seeing that all prospects are contacted and solicited in accordance with the campaign plan and schedule; assisting solicitors in their efforts; and keeping the division chair informed of the team's progress. The team captain reports to a division chair or co-chair.

Solicitor Job Description

Solicitors make the vast majority of requests for contributions. They are the frontline "salespeople" of a fund-raising campaign. The solicitor's primary responsibilities are to contact assigned prospects, present the case for support, answer questions, and request a suggested donation. Ideally, a solicitor will be assigned five prospects. The solicitor reports to the team captain and keeps him or her informed of progress.

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