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Helping Haitian Families Build Long-Term Wealth:
Travel and tourism, perhaps more than any other industry, creates a wealth of opportunities and challenges, particularly at the community level. The gross economic benefits related to community based tourism from the Haitian Diaspora will go far beyond simple revenues and job creation.

A ten years survey conducted by the Haitian Consortium among members and the community at large reveals that every year, more than 260,000 members of the Haitian Diaspora travel with their friend and families throughout the Caribbean, Europe and Latin America during the holidays and summer times.  The average spending per vacation by individual is figured between US$ 2,500 to 3,500. The influence of travel and tourism among them is expanding annually and rapidly as more Haitians are, experiencing growth, taking early retirement and cash in additional disposable incomes.

Community Based Tourism A Reality By 2011 By 2011, the Consortium will make travel and tourism in Haiti more significant. In partnership with various individuals, community groups, small business owners, entrepreneurs, local associations and credible government officials, executives’ of the Haitian Consortium are now in Haiti developing local tourism in a new innovative ways. 

Consortium Members Show Vivid Interest: Through intensive promotion among our chapters, members, local churches in the Diaspora, concentrate education / training within our partners and community grouping in Haiti, and the support of credible governmental officials, we estimate a minimum of 20,000 members and friend will be part of our first rotating tour starting 2011.

They Want Their Children To Know Haiti: From a survey conducted in 2006, 9500 members and individuals ranked Haiti as their number one choice of vacation and want their children to know Haiti providing that standard accommodation and security is part of the package. 

Community Based Tourism Will Influence Community Growth: The Consortium program will be mainly based on local influence and community encouragement, and participation.

  1. The tourism activities will be developed and operated, for the most part, by local community members, and certainly with their consent and support.
  2. Activities will imply respect and concern for local culture, heritage, natural heritage and traditions.
  3. Creation, development and collection of businesses that creates and sells a variety of goods and services to visitors.
  4. Reasonable share of the revenues will be enjoyed by the community to create job and develop community co-op resorts.

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The Thousand Group:


The Thousand Group is the leading membership of professionals, executives and concerned citizen bringing efficiency to sustainable development in Haiti and the Haitian Diaspora through business intelligence, program sharing and recruiting services. For more information on the Thousand Group click here.

To become a member of the Thousand Group, please mail your Resume or Biographies to us.

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