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Investment in Radio School!Distance Learning Program

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Planning For Investment In Education Haiti

  Creation of Radio School

          Bring Distance learning to the million of students

Develop new curricula for primary, elementary, and secondary level education.

Develop quarterly and annual teacher preparation and training programs for over 100,000 teachers.

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The Thousand Group:

The Thousand Group is the leading membership of professionals, executives and concerned citizen bringing efficiency to sustainable development in Haiti and the Haitian Diaspora through business intelligence, program sharing and recruiting services. For more information on the Thousand Group click here.

To become a member of the Thousand Group, please mail your Resume or Biographies to us.

The Haitian Consortium:

5927 Anno Avenue Orlando, Florida, 32809 (USA)
Phone: 1-407-309-6999

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We rely on individual supporters for funding.  Given the growing national and international interest in the success of the Fresh Start Movement®, we need your commitment and financial support to reach our goals and objectives within a decade.  

Participants will regularly receive: magazine, quick and effective campaign actions for participation, and invitations to local and national events.

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