Investment in New Entrepreneurship

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Entrepreneurship in Haiti

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Investment in New Entrepreneurship!

Planning For Investment in New Entrepreneurship in Haiti.

·          The Commission will work with local and international commercial revitalization groups to:

  • suggest and recommend modes of commerce in the communities or provinces
  • Create or support the expansion of existing Micro finances programs with new investments and financial training.
  • Develop new venture incentives between entrepreneurs and developers for the construction of low cost retail space for new business owners.
  • Develop business and entrepreneurship training for local businesses, local merchants and street vendors
  • Invite philanthropic Haitians from the Diaspora to support their alma sectors with new investments or in-kind assistance.


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 The Guidance Commission:

The Haitian Consortium will create a Guidance commission to serve as an advocacy board and to introduce the New Transformation Initiative called “Haiti in Ten Years”. “Haiti in Ten Years” will address the urgent needs and working on critical issues facing Haiti today. For more information on "Haiti in 10 Years" click here. 

To become a member of the Guidance Commission, please mail your Resume or Biographies to us.

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We rely on individual supporters for funding.  Given the growing national and international interest in the success of the Fresh Start Movement®, we need your commitment and financial support to reach our goals and objectives within a decade.  

Participants will regularly receive: magazine, quick and effective campaign actions for participation, and invitations to local and national events.

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