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Housing Investment in Haiti

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Investment in Housing!

Planning For Investment in Housing in Haiti

Haiti is facing a housing dilemma both in the capital, Port-au-Prince, and its provinces.  The country is ill-fit to sustain the massive return of its aging Diaspora abroad. Recent statistical survey conducted in 2006 among 7000 people in the Haitian Diaspora between 70 to 89 years old has showed that 80 percent want to return home.

The creation of several public housing projects initiated by the private sector and the government have a waiting list of over 20,000 applicants.

The housing shortage and dilemma in Haiti has reached a crisis level in Port-au-Prince and the provinces from 2004 to present.  The need for a quick gain and accommodating the need for business storage has spurred most housing developers to transform existing living quarters into storeroom space.  Last year, 63% of all new housing constructions were geared towards storage rental rather than habitable housing.

  • The Commission will work with investors and redevelopment groups to explore small rental apartments and townhouses in the provinces and other urban areas throughout Port-au-Prince.
  • The Commission will also work with local residents to
      • Create a stronger identity for the overall program
      • Make homeownership more affordable to poor families
      • Increase homeownership in Haiti for the Haitian Diaspora through loans, mortgages and other construction credits. 

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The Thousand Group:


The Thousand Group is the leading membership of professionals, executives and concerned citizen bringing efficiency to sustainable development in Haiti and the Haitian Diaspora through business intelligence, program sharing and recruiting services. For more information on the Thousand Group click here.

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