Investment in Health Care

Investing in Health Care in Haiti

Investing in Health Care in Haiti

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Investment in Health Care!

Planning For Investment in Health Care in Haiti.

Planning is an essential part of healthcare. Important issues like children and adolescent health, senior health support programs are mainly neglected or non existent in Haiti. Annually, over 20 million dollars are channeled from the Diaspora to their families in Haiti for health care assistance. Most of that money goes to waste because of inadequate public health facilities and a lack of health care infrastructure.


The Commission through research and planning will shed new light on community health in Haiti and map out a course for the future. It is the Commission’s intent to help renovate and modernize the way Haitians approach public health and health care.


The first step of the Commission is to develop two comprehensive health care assessments. The first assessment will be devoted to the creation and implementation of adequate health care for poor communities and low income citizens. The second assessment is the establishment of standard health care programs for expatriate with medical coverage and returning senior citizens from the Diaspora with limited health care insurance. 


The Commission will create a number of low cost / no cost health facilities called “Point Vert” “Green Point”. Each facility will be able to service a minimum of 10,000 clients per year. The clients will receive first aid services, and referrals assistance to other more advanced facilities created by the commission.


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