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The Haitian Consortium is a nonprofit organization and an alliance of over 400 indigenous grassroots and community based programs committed to helping the Haitian communities achieve self economic sufficiency. The Haitian Consortium fosters strategic alliances with foreign grassroots movements, community programs, neighborhood associations and religious organizations in the United States, Europe, Latin America, and the Caribbean in order to achieve its goals.


The Haitian Consortium is organized and operated exclusively for charitable, community empowerment, human development and educational purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Services of the United States. The Haitian Consortium is also registered to operate as a not for profit organization in Haiti and in other foreign countries.


At The Haitian Consortium, we believe in a pure form of charity. We keep our operating expenses at a bare minimum, so that we can donate as much as we can to ease the suffering of children, families, seniors and people with disabilities.



Season Giving Brings Joy and Happiness to Haitian Children and Families, please

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Programs in the United States

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Programs in Haiti

School Casualties Support
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AIDS Education & Prevention

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Sport of Hope

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Sharing Our "Fresh Start Movement" and our "Objectives"

Unity for Success

Donation & Support 

Your gift to the Haitian Consortium is more than a donation — it's a commitment to long-lasting change. Make a one-time donation or easily set up a monthly recurring gift  will help improve the lives of children and  families in need. Your donation is tax deductible.

Monthly gifts are one of the easiest and most efficient ways for you to help Haitian children and their families become self-sufficient. Your recurring donation to the Haitian Consortium helps the most vulnerable people overcome poverty by sustainable means. 

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Rapid Relief

Rapid Response

The Haitian Consortium is the leading  relief charity for the Haitian population both in Haiti and the Diaspora.  Each year, the Consortium's rapid response to disaster and hurricane provides emergency assistance to families, children and individuals facing homelessness, massive relocation, and food shortage:

From June to September 2008,  The Haitian Consortium has anchored 3 boat-reliefs in Haiti with food, water, clothing, and medicine for hurricane's victims and other people in the Diaspora facing hardship due to other disasters.

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Community At Work

Community At Work 

The Haitian Consortium thru a networking of 300 grassroots and community based programs in the United States, Canada, Europe, and the Caribbean has developed new innovative ways to serve poor communities and promote sustainable programs in Haiti.


The Haitian Consortium and its partners have worked hard to make programs accessible to all urban and rural communities in Haiti. The Haitian Consortium is the primary care for people with disabilities in Haiti and the Diaspora.


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Sport of Hope

Sport of Hope

Our mission is to bring hope to poor children with athletic talent. We accomplish these goals through camping, financial support, educational scholarships and awareness in sport opportunity.

Periodically with the cooperation and logistic support of local sporting club, corporations, and donors from the Diaspora, The Haitian Consortium develops and sponsors county wide and regional championships in order to help local boys and girls  show their talents and master their athletic skills.  Many of them envisioned to become professional players and use sport at a ticket out of poverty. Your support is welcomed.

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School Feeding Program

School Feeding in Haiti

Providing a meal at school is a simple but concrete way to give poor children a chance to learn and thrive. They become better students when their bodies are well nourished and healthy.  The incentive of getting a meal also reduces absenteeism.  Most importantly, performance improves and drop-out rates decreases.

The first operational phase of the Haitian Consortium Feeding program for the school year-2008-2009 is already on the way for a big success. It is estimated that 15,000 children on a monthly basis will be provided with at least one hot meal a day. Your donation will help us accomplish our mission

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Free Computer class for youth in Haiti

COP-Tech in Haiti

The Technology has proliferated around our homes, and the personal computer has become as essential as the telephone in our daily lives.  Computers, though, come with their own complex universe of equipment challenges, software issues and difficult-to-learn interfaces.  Haitian families cannot afford to buy or maintain a computer at home due to limited income, lack of electricity, money for training, and internet capability. For the next five years, the Haitian Consortium will develop a free/sharing Laptop Program for Haitian students. People can donate their old computers and laptop to the Consortium and receive a tax deduction for each donation. Please contact us for your hardware and software donations.

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Haitian Artists & Artisans's Program

Haitians' Artists & Artisans Program

The Haitian artists and artisans program is a network of artists and artisans working together to fight extreme hunger and poverty among them. It is a program created by the Haitian Consortium: first to bring national and international recognition for Haitian arts and second to help Haitian artists secure permanent income. They use the profits of their crafts to  benefit their families and communities. Over 120 artists and artisans are members of the program. We encourage your donation for this program.

Group Leadership Class

Group Leadership

The Haitian Consortium is a dynamic community of scholars, learners and concerned citizens devoted to empower today’s youth with the development skills, and training needed so that they can become tomorrow’s leaders. At the Haitian Consortium, we have a proud tradition of leadership excellence, and building strong community organizers, program developers, health care professionals, religious leader  and influential grassroots directors. Become a member of our group Leadership today!

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Agriculture Project in Haiti

Agriculture Projects

The Haitian Consortium helps create and expand local food markets that will preserve the Haitian agricultural heritage. The Haitian Consortium keeps Haitian farmers farming  so that they can give everyone access to fresh, healthy food,  at reasonable price. Our mission is to collaboratively create and expand regional community based and integrated food systems that are locally owned and controlled, environmentally sound, economically viable, and health-promoting.  Your donation of agro-tools will help us create jobs and increase farming incentives.

AIDS Education and Prevention in Haiti

AIDS Education & Prevention

The AIDS crisis appears on a continuum of infectious diseases plaguing Haiti. Haiti’s  national  HIV/AIDS infection rate is between 4½ to 6%, with rates as high as 13% in rural areas, giving Haiti the highest HIV infection rates in the Western Hemisphere. There are approximately 300,000 Haitians living with HIV/AIDS. For the past 20 years, the Haitian Consortium has been promoting AIDS education and Prevention at the grassroots level through community projects, schools, and radio programs.  More than 150 Haitian and foreign nurses, doctors and health care officials donate their time, expertise and develop prevention programs for local churches, urban and rural communities. We encourage you to be part of that movement.



Primary School Sponsored by the Haitian Consortium

Primary Education

The Haitian Consortium is building a strong culture of education for the future leaders of Haiti. The Consortium is currently sponsoring and co-sponsoring over 200, elementary and Primary Schools which provides opportunity for basic and advance literacy for adults and children. They are located in the rural and provincial areas. The Haitian Consortium is the pioneer in introducing free educational distance learning program through Radio School for elementary and primary school children in Haiti. Efforts are on the way to make this program nationwide by 2011. It is estimated that over 200,000 students will benefit from the Radio School programs annually. We need equipments and technical support.      


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MicroFinance Programs in Haiti

Micro Finances 

Through The Haitian Consortium Micro enterprise and Income / investment generated  Program, we are helping 6,000 Haitian women and community based organizations develop and start small / medium/ large scale income-generating projects. They tailored and excel in  community shops, market oriented investment, fisheries, and horticulture projects on group land. The Haitian Consortium also encouraged advance business  investment  oriented toward large scale market expansion, import/export, poultry farming, and housing construction 17 Micro finance specialists from the US and Canada oversee that program in Haiti today. Donation  and experts are welcomed.


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Supporting Programs for the Poor and Orphans

The Poor & Orphans

The Haitian Consortium works at grassroots level tackling poverty and improving lives in urban and rural Haiti. The primary focus of the Haitian Consortium is assisting families and communities to grow enough food to feed themselves and to earn a sustainable living.

We accomplished these objectives by simple and effective innovations to farming, managing natural resources and helping people access basic services like clean water, healthcare and education. The Haitian Consortium has over twenty years experience in bringing lasting solutions to poverty for Haitian’s rural and urban poor. Women are encouraged and trained in business management, entrepreneurship classes and market oriented economy.

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Reuniting the Diaspora with their communities in Haiti

Reuniting The Elements

 The Haitian Consortium's is the only indigenous organization with the sole goals and objectives are to reunite the Haitian Diaspora with their respected communities in order to promote trade, build capital for investment, create new business, and sponsor sustainable development programs. 


We have fostered such connection by 1)  encouraging and developing common interest endeavor with respect to humanitarian projects between local communities and Haitian Diaspora’s group in the US, Canada, the Caribbean and Europe. 2) developing student exchange program and 3) create joint business venture projects between local leaders and Haitian investors in the Diaspora.  Over $9 million in business capital and investment are managed annually.


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Investing in standard housing in Haiti

Standard Housing

Haiti is facing a housing dilemma both in the capital, Port-au-Prince, and its provinces.  The country is ill-fit to sustain the massive return of its aging Diaspora abroad. Based on recent statistical survey conducted in 2006 among 17000 people in the Haitian Diaspora between 62 to 71 years old, it is estimated that that 80 percent want to return home. 96% are unable to make ends meet on their current retirement income. Returning to Haiti is the only solution. Thru its network of engineering team, The Haitian Consortium  offers a variety of free consulting services to the aging Diaspora with respect to land survey, equipment, security, and housing construction. For additional information, contact us. Its free!

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Community Tourism:home sharing in Haiti

Community Tourism

Community Tourism helps boost the local economy and bring jobs. The purpose of this program is to help the Haitian Diaspora learn, listen, live with and understand the people in their villages. It help them reconnect with their joyful past. The people in the communities will appreciate the generosity you show by taking time out of your busy living to work, learn and visit them. We have accommodated over 1,200  teachers, nurses, social workers, students and many other professionals, with lodging, transportation, hotel accommodations, and community care assistance. Over 1800 community  housing are available for group rental, sharing and annual contract. The program is safe and rewarding. Become a community tourist today!

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Community Well Care projects in Haiti

Health Care Projects

The Haitian Consortium’s health programs in Haiti encompass a wide range of medical and public health efforts. The Haitian Consortium's mission is to ensure that every Haitian can enjoy the right to good health by helping to create vibrant networks of informed communities that work with empowered health care. The Haitian Consortium has 20 years’ experience in health care development. We oversee services, such as vaccination programs for children, maternity services for poor communities, AIDS support services, visiting medical teams for free surgical assistance, and many more community well care programs.

Donation and medical equipment are welcomed.

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The Haitian Consortium is the only indigenous organization providing “free opinion” opportunity to writers, students, teachers, grassroots organizations and community based programs both at home and within the Diaspora. They use "free opinion" to express their community needs and programs to a worldwide audience of over ¼ of million people. The “free opinion” is a Community web mail forum with an aim of educating the general public on the history, the culture, and the community needs. It is a periodical publication in French and English open to all with a basic circulation of 270,000 e-mails worldwide. Please, contact us. for additional information.

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