Immigration and Citizenship

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Immigration & citizenship

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Immigration and Citizenship

Citizenship classes

Haitian immigrants have had a desire to vote for years. Citizenship classes sponsored by the Haitian Consortium provide them with information and the tools to take the exam.   Our classes have familiarized participants with American history, general knowledge of the U.S. government and the law-making process.

The program served over 9500 participants from 1983 to present. Participants who have passed their exams  express a great sense of achievement and recommended others to do the same.

   Relocation /integration/acculturation/assimilation support services

  • Compassion, love and respect for all people, especially those who are poor and vulnerable.
  • Every person having the right to a safe, affordable place to call home.
  • Healthy family life being affirmed and supported in our communities.
  • Joining with others to change the systems which oppress, discriminate or cause human suffering.

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Our Program Stands Out:

We stand out among providers of emergency assistance by empowering communities to work toward their own disaster preparedness and long-term recovery.

Our Experts: Our Relief and Disaster Experts:

Utilize community volunteers.


·         Train and prepare communities to mobilize their members, collaborate with local agencies and develop their own recovery strategies

·         Foster safe and effective disaster response.

·         Promote social, emotional and physical healing for the entire affected community.

·         Collaborate with community groups, municipalities and other relief agencies to maximize the use of available resources.


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