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Homeless programs

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The Haitian Consortium has been the main advocate for homeless Haitians Nationwide. Since the inception of the Homeless Assistance Program in 1983, the Consortium has provided and facilitated shelter, food, affordable housing and clothing to Haitian families in distress, unemployed individuals, new refugees and detainees. Over 20,000 individuals and families have benefited from:

!        Emergency/Temporary Shelters

!        Transitional housing

!        Permanent home placement

!        Job Training, Job Search, Job Placement

!        Food Assistance

!        Pastoral assistance and counseling services


The Haitian Consortium's programs have been recommended as the best initiative and innovative model projects for Haitians in Haiti and throughout the Diaspora. The Consortium’s program achievements have been studied and communicated as replication modules for other settings and immigrant communities.

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