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A Christmas Message from the Haitian Consortium

'Tis the Season to Bring Relief

to Haitian Children & Families'


To our members, friends, supporters, and visitors,


Please, pass it on!



Dear Friends,


Christmas carols are the traditional songs that herald this wonderful season of cheer and goodwill.  But while these beautiful melodies bring joy and merriment to many; the Haitian Consortium knows that during the Holidays millions of children and families in Haiti have nothing to sing about.  This season we want you to help us to change that!


When you hear the Christmas carol, Silent Night, Holy Night, the image of clear starry skies may come to mind; but for too many mothers in Haiti, the nights are not silent!  The piercing, anguished cries of their hungry babies cause unbearable heartache and torment!  They wonder if there can be a future for their infants other than starvation and death!  Your gift can help the Haitian Consortium to continue its nutritional programs so that many more children can hear a lullaby!


Deck the Halls With Boughs of Holly, is a cheerful Christmas carol; but my heart is heavy as I think that for many Haitians there are no halls to deck!  ‘Home’ is a shanty in a disease-infested slum, a poorly-built shack near a muddy canal or a tiny hut on the side of a parched mountain!  Rampant homelessness has also become more acute after the recent hurricanes!  Your dollars can go a long way to help the Haitian Consortium support housing programs and build the infrastructure for healthy communities.  


O Little Town of Bethlehem captures all the nostalgia of the Season; but many people would rather not visit most of the towns in Haiti, where extreme poverty, misery and malnutrition are in abundance!  The Consortium’s mission is to help Haitian communities achieve economic sufficiency.  This past year your support enabled us to reach out to more than 15,000 hurricane victims; find new home, rebuilt their businesses, and achieve self-reliance.  A generous donation during this season of giving will help us to make an even greater impact in the lives of those who so desperately need help.


As I contemplate the difference you can make, the Christmas carol O Come All Ye Faithful comes to mind.  And so, I thank you for your dedication to helping those who are less fortunate.  Your tax-deductible gift to the Haitian Consortium will be well-spent in alleviating suffering in Haiti.  I am also humming my favorite carol Joy To The World; because that song symbolizes what you and I must do during the Holidays – bring joy to the less fortunate!


We are depending on your contribution. Thank you for supporting the Haitian Consortium. May all the beauty, joy and wonder that Christmas carols bring be yours this Season!


Happy Holidays,



Enock Gustave



Please, mail your tax-deductible donation to:

Enock Gustave, Chairman

The Haitian Consortium:

5927 Anno Avenue Orlando, Florida, 32809 (USA)
Phone: 1-407-309-6999


 Season Giving Brings Joy and Happiness to Haitian Children and Families, please


About us


The Haitian Consortium is a nonprofit, grassroots alliance organization committed to helping Haitian communities achieve economic sufficiency. The Haitian Consortium fosters strategic alliances with grassroots movements, community programs, neighborhood associations and religious organizations in the United States and the Caribbean in order to achieve its goals.


The Haitian Consortium is organized and operated exclusively for charitable, community empowerment, human development and educational purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Services of the United States. The Haitian Consortium is also registered to operate as a not for profit organization in Haiti and represented by other foreign body.




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