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Haiti in 10 years

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Haiti in 10 years is!

Planning democratization, planning stability, planning security, planning sustainable development, planning job creation, planning solid educational system, planning quality farming, planning reforestation, and planning better health care system today!


For many years, Haiti has suffered from a brain drain of health experts, agro-specialists, economists, educators and scientists. The decline expertise in these areas coupled with over 200 years of dictatorships has caused educational chaos, political disorder and economic deterioration.

A look at the current social, economic and political conditions of Haiti shows a country that will be further burdened by absolute misery, poverty and insecurity. Without a new initiative for transformation, over 9 million people at the doorstep of the United States will continue to face hunger, famine, starvation, malnutrition and death within the next fifteen years.

Haiti: Opportunities for Investors:

Haiti offers potential economic opportunities for both the investors and its citizens. Haiti’s virgin costal marine, the good economic and political relationship with the US and the rest of the world, the untouched mountain slope, the excellent reputation of its people as “hard working citizens”, the good rapport with foreign investors, are factors that investors can expect. Boasting the youngest labor force in the Caribbean, Haiti’s shores are located less than 90 minutes away from the United States.

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