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The Uniqueness of Our Programs

 The Haitian Consortium’s programs in Haiti and the Diaspora go beyond providing emergency food, basic education, and temporary shelter.  The Consortium's programs help people develop self-reliance and provide them with the necessary skills to improve their condition.   The Haitian Consortium has promoted more than 40 exemplary community development programs ranging from job training, child-care, education, business entrepreneurship, Micro Enterprises to permanent housing.   The Haitian Consortium's programs have been voted by the Miami Dade Community College Foundation as the best innovative and creative community development projects among community based organizations designed to promote self-economic development for the U.S. Haitian immigrant community.

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 Fresh Start Movement: Fresh Start Movement (FSM) is a program which carves its roots in “Unity for success”, “Union for change”, “Group for Action” and “Civic Empowerment”. It is a movement advanced by people who are dedicated to alleviating and eliminating the human misery, poverty and ecological degradation in Haiti. For more information on the Fresh Start Movement click here. 

To become a member of the Fresh Start Movement, please mail your Résume or Biographies to us.

The Haitian Consortium:

5927 Anno Avenue Orlando, Florida, 32809 (USA)
Phone: 1-407-309-6999

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