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The Haitian Consortium has introduced the New Transformation Initiative called “Haiti in Ten Years” to address the urgent needs and working on critical issues facing Haiti today. We are committed to reverse the trend. With the support of national and global experts, investors, business leaders, local stakeholders, governmental officers, companies, not for profit organizations, religious missions and philanthropists, The Haitian Consortium will create a Guidance commission to serve as an advocacy board for the program and:

1.    Coordinate the first economic history of Haiti through each province and its 10 departments.

  1. Work with existing programs to attract new developers.
  2. Study feasible economic plans for short term success in job creations and microfinance establishments.

4.    Attract massive investment in development programs for local projects and provinces.

5.    Serve as Liaison between developers and local stakeholders.

6.    Create local task force to oversee the function of supported projects.

7.    Develop new educational module programs for training and community empowerment.

8.    Work the Haitian Diaspora for financial support, logistics, trainers, and in-kind assistance

9.    Help the country reverse its current trend of hunger, misery, and poverty within the next 10 years.

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