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Ecumenical Conference
Brooklyn College
Sunday, October 25, 2009


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October 29, 2009

On behalf of the New York Ecumenical Alliance, the Haitian Youths and their families, and all Haitian Descents abroad, “HAITIANS IN” infinitely thanks you for your wonderful presentations and gracious presence, during our first Conference with the Spiritual Leaders of the Haitian Community, on Sunday, October 25, 2009, at Brooklyn College.

We immensely appreciate your diligence, eloquence and expertise in the delivery of your subject matters. We want you to know that just by your presence alone, you have justified how deep and precious are your concern, your attachment, your care and genuine love for our Haitian Youths and Families. We bow to you all in gratitude!

To everyone who attended the Sunday October 25, 2009 function for one reason or another, we say: “Thank you so-o-o-o much! You have made the Conference an unprecedented success. Leaving your family and personal chores unattended to be with us on a Sunday afternoon is as huge a sacrifice enough to let you know that we immeasurably appreciate your invaluable charisma. Each one of you is a member of “HAITIANS IN”. In a few words, the ultimate role of HAITIANS IN is to ensure that we, Haitians, take the design and the unfoldment of the quality of our existence on this planet earth in our own hands, from now on, for generations to come.”

Yet, the bulk of the work is way ahead of us. We need to keep the momentum and our guards up, to be able to continue this journey, toward rescuing our Haitian Youths and Families. As planned, two more Conferences of even larger magnitude shall take place before we actually reach our troubled Youths. HAITIANS IN TRANSIT will keep you abreast of every move we make in that direction. We also need to secure your approval to call upon your support and participation, whenever necessary, in order to reach our common goals together.

We are very grateful to: “Monsignor Guy Sansaricq, National Center of the Haitian Apostolate – Pastor Moab Honoré, Péniel Seventh Day Adventist Church – Pastor & Dr. Phyllius Nicolas, Croisades Evangéliques – Nicole B. Roséfort, NYS HABETAC – Mrs. Marie Fouché – Mrs. Berthe Leveillé -The President of Brooklyn College – Engineer Anne-Verlane Douze Jean-Louis - Engineer Gérald Mathieu - Engineer Marie Jérémie – Engineer Odelin Francois – Dr. Louis Auguste, AMHE President - Dr. Georges Casimir, MD, Association of Haitian Physicians Abroad – Dr. Marie Daniela Charles Belzie, MD & Dr. Louis R. Belzie, MD, Association of Haitian Physicians Abroad - Ms. Yolette Williams, MSW/CSW – Mr. Jean Sigué, HALEFO – Mr. Alain Massena, Attorney-at-Law – Ms. Jocelyne Mayas, Empowerment Centre for Caribbean Immigrants – Mr. Ramses Delva, HABNET - Mr. Max Kénol – Pastor Daniel Ulysse – Pastor Orlando Aupont – All the Priests, Sisters, Brothers, Pastors, Deacons, Deaconesses of all the different churches – The Photographers: Mr. Marcelin Jean-Pierre … - The Conference Committee Members and more significantly, all the Volunteers – Last but not least and most notably, our Conference Committee Chairperson: Pastor Enock Gustave.

After all, HAITIANS IN thanks everyone who attended.


Herriot Pierre-Louis, P.E.
Electrical/Communications/Systems Engineer
President, Haitians In Transit

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