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Election 2008


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election 2008 

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what are the current issues?

Jobs  •  Immigration  • Health Care  • Economy •education •War  •Foreclosures

Voting is the fundamental frame of democracy. It is this principle that makes America strong.

The Haitian Consortium is helping the Haitian community to become empowered, self-reliant and economically stable through various initiatives.

The Voter Information and Education Program was added to the Haitian Consortium’s curriculum as a non-partisan community awareness effort. This program enables the Consortium partners to introduce and engage in the public about issues that are affecting the lives of Haitian families women, new citizens,  and new immigrants in the United States.

The mission of the Voter Information and Education Program is to encourage participation in and understanding of the political and electoral process in America. The Haitian Consortium pursues this mission by distributing free educational materials, organizing town meetings, church presentations, rallies, community gatherings, workshops and seminars on voting rights and procedures.

The Haitian Consortium works in collaboration with community establishments, public and private groups, religious organizations, social associations to bring this program to fruition.

For the past 23 years, The Haitian Consortium has been engaging its efforts to educate Haitian-American youth, new citizens, students, new immigrants, congregations and community organizations on the importance of voting and the necessity to register to vote.

Thousands have responded to our efforts by participating in local, primary and presidential elections.

These efforts have been successful because of support and funding from elected officials, churches, community-based organizations, civic organizations, philanthropists, youth groups, foundations and individuals.

Our Success:

Your Support Helps Meet The Challenge

At the Haitian Consortium, we are proud about how we handle the funds entrusted to us.  For administration and overhead, we spend only nineteen cents of each dollar received.  The rest of our income - eighty one cents on every dollar - is spent on programs -- the purpose for which funds are, after all, given to us.  Contributions are received and recorded according to donors’ restriction or for unrestricted purposes

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