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Disaster & Relief

The Haitian Consortium (HC) is recognized as a provider of emergency assistance to Haitian families during natural or man-made disasters.  The HC’s efforts are swift and expeditious. We employ compassion and resourcefulness to provide a quick response to affected areas and community-based disaster relief programs. We engage and work with thousands of local partners and members. We coordinate with religious missions, relief agencies, international organizations and governmental authorities to ensure the most efficient use of available resources.

Our Method:

HC approaches all disasters to support the immediate needs of victims by working with local partners , who are best situated to assess, respond, and prepare for the long-term recovery that will be needed. The Haitian Consortium’s relief program has a staff midwife to oversee maternal and child health services to pregnant women and new born infants during and after disasters.

 We assist resource-strapped local clinics with much-needed medicine and develop efficient channels for future emergency response.

Food Boat Relief for Haiti

Food Boat Relief in HaitiDisaster & Relief local church Distribution in Haiti

Our Program Stands Out:

We stand out among providers of emergency assistance by empowering communities to work toward their own disaster preparedness and long-term recovery.

Our Experts:

Our Relief and Disaster Experts:

·         Train and prepare communities to mobilize their members, collaborate with local agencies and develop their own recovery strategies

·         Foster safe and effective disaster response.

·         Promote social, emotional and physical healing for the entire affected community.

·         Collaborate with community groups, municipalities and other relief agencies to maximize the use of available resources.

·         Utilize community volunteers.

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