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Investing in Health Care in Haiti

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Education and Prevention

Haiti is one of the countries hit hardest by HIV/AIDS outside of sub-Saharan Africa. It has the highest HIV/AIDS prevalence rates in the Caribbean region. One in 20 Haitians has the disease, and it is the main cause of death among women of reproductive age, orphans, street children and youth. Perhaps even more  of a challenge for local authorities is the predominance of sexual activity at an early age in Haiti. Half of Haiti's nine million population is under 20, making it even more urgent that education and prevention campaigns ‘hit home’ as quickly as possible.

1.     The Haitian Consortium works with community leaders for the reintegration and acceptance of HIV/AIDS victims in their rejected communities. Also The Consortium  workd with community organizations to give HIV/AIDS education and prevention for women and youth a high profile of priority among church leaders, community organizers and educational institutions.

2.     The Haitian Consortium  facilitates stronger partnerships for people living with HIV/AIDS among non-governmental organizations, faith-based organizations and concerned members of the private sector.

3.     The Haitian Consortium provides support to many Haitian women who have become infected with HIV/AIDS after being sexually assaulted, as well as for street children and girls who are domestic servants.

4.     The Haitian Consortium  develops partnership with US theological seminaries, hospitals, NGOs to assist the program with interns, graduate seminarians, educators, health care specialists and missionaries. They  serve as counselors, pastoral support staff, field coordinators, case workers, psychotherapists and community developers. They work to develop long term assistance services for people / individuals and families afflicted and affected with the disease.  


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The Thousand Group:

The Thousand Group is the leading membership of professionals, executives and concerned citizen bringing efficiency to sustainable development in Haiti and the Haitian Diaspora through business intelligence, program sharing and recruiting services. For more information on the Thousand Group click here.

To become a member of the Thousand Group, please mail your Resume or Biographies to us.

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